Are you tired of discrepancies with pertinent data during well testing

Do you require an advanced solution for your asset evaluation or FDP?

If you answered yes to one or both of the above – we are here to help.

H2Oil offer state of the art solutions for advanced data gathering and onsite

See attached presentation and click the video below to find out more!

What we offer:

Custom software solution for project – quickly updating components giving an optimised visual reference view of operation – along with custom calculations for live and fast onsite decisions.

Live Water Cut Measurement – 0-99.9% GVF

Live Salinity and Fluid Density Measurement

Live Gas Chromatograph – offsetting HSE Risk during Sour operations

Live Sand Measurement

View data anywhere on or offsite

Onsite Data View- using head mounted display and tablet

Wireless DAQ piggy back on any existing Well Testing system