H2Oil were selected by Hunt Oil of Romania to assist with cleaning up and bringing online PN-2 Development well.

Pictured H2Oil with our Advanced Sand Filtration and Well Testing Solution –
Left – Paul Overton ‘Technical Director’
Right – Michael White ‘Well Test Supervisor’

H2Oil team provided 24 hour well testing support via our globally experienced team and provided an advanced data acquisition package to complement the activities.

Multiple data sources were required to be compiled into a common report – Live Process Data, PDHG Data, Sand Filter Data, Water Cut Analysis, Water and Condensate Properties, however with the H2Oil Advanced DAQ system all data sources are visible in hazardous locations.

Photo – Wireless DAQ Package with Zone Rated Tablet allowing access to all data anywhere on site. Pictured with Michael White ‘Well Testing Supervisor’

PN2 was brought successfully online whilst mitigating all risks to equipment, environment and personnel.